Helping People Heal Naturally Text

Helping People Heal Naturally

Before Big Pharma emerged last century we always had and relied upon plant based medicines. Many people know intuitively that nature has most of the answers to many modern day ailments. The exciting thing happening today, is that science is now confirming the efficacy of what the ancient shamans also knew intuitively. With better understanding comes positive change and Waiheke Green Cross is focused on sharing quality information and news on the latest research around plants, whilst also sourcing you the best quality products.

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We believe that nature has all the answers to most of our ailments. Whether you need a better nights sleep or have pain, or just need to recover from a big workout at the gym. Plant based medicines have been used widely since the dawn of time. The exciting thing today, is that science is now confirming the many health benefits that various plants and mushrooms can offer us.

All over the world we are seeing a huge awakening and growing awareness of how plants can heal us and the science behind it.



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