How Does Cannabis Benefit Seniors?

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There has never been a better medical match than senior citizens and cannabis. Everyone in the new and growing cannabis industry knows this. Interestingly, and surprisingly for many – is the fact that the fastest growing demographic for medical cannabis around the world is in the 65+ age group, according to the biggest retailers in the US and EU.

As we learn more about CBD, we are seeing more seniors seeking cannabis help and advice. As the scientific evidence continues to validate the efficacy of CBD for a range of different ailments often associated with aging, this trend will continue. But more research is needed still.

Fortunately, Harvard University and MIT just announced plans to share a $9 million donation for the study of cannabis’ health effects. This type of research is helping to educate us all on alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals.

Most elderly people suffer some level of pain and the management of this is key to a quality life. If a senior citizen is interested in learning more about the success rate of other seniors dropping their opioids and other harsh medications for cannabis, we can now refer them to the DENT study. It was conducted by researchers at DENT Neurologic Institute, and claims that, “70 percent of those studied reported a significant increase in their quality of life after being prescribed medical marijuana, and more than 30 percent were able to get off of their opioid painkillers.”

If a different senior customer is curious about THC’s role versus CBD’s in providing therapeutic relief, we can now refer them to a study recently published by researchers at the University of New Mexico. It claims that THC plays a much bigger role producing therapeutic effects in cannabis than was previously thought, and that ultimately the two work best when applied together.

Prior to this study, no one really wanted to hear about the medical power of THC, at least not lately. CBD has been all the rage in the media, but the reality is, and always has been – that the two components work best together. We can now prove that statement with very credible research.

And if anyone wants to go deep on the most recent, and in our opinion most spellbinding, research on the effects of cannabis on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, we point them towards the research being conducted by Dr. Ethan Russo, and specifically this interview, in which he states the following:

“Utilization of cannabis preparations with the right mixtures of cannabinoids and terpenoids show great promise to produce better results. While these may be simply palliative in reducing drug and care burdens, there is also the possibility of making a real difference in slowing or abrogating the pathological processes in these two disorders.”

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