The founder of the Kiwi icon ‘Cookie Time’ joins NZ Harvest Festival line up

Mickey Mayell

A thought-leader, who turns big ideas into big successes, Michael is the founder of Nutrient Rescue and Cookie Time who has a passion for a plant powered life for all. Michael will also be one of 20+ speakers sharing his knowledge and wisdom at New Zealand’s inaugural Harvest Festival in Dunedin over Easter Weekend.

Michael Mayell is a man on a mission . . .
From humble beginnings where he began selling his cookies, which he and his mother baked in a rented bakery, in 70 Christchurch dairies, to today, where Cookie Time sells millions of cookies each year.

After 22 years of Cookie Time, Mayell and his brother Guy set up the Cookie Time Charitable Trust to help Kiwi kids discover their talents and established One Square Meal, selling meal bars.

Mayell then began social enterprise Nutrient Rescue in 2007, where he spends a large amount of time today.Selling fruit and vegetable powders for smoothies and health shots, to make a difference to people and the planet, in response to me becoming aware of the health of New Zealanders and the health of the environment and actually wanting to do something to make a difference.

More recently Michael has been focused on his latest charitable movement Drinkable Rivers with the aim for New Zealand to have drinkable and swimmable rivers.

His latest mission for 2019 will be to support the normalisation of cannabis, through the Harvest Festival, which aims to help kiwi’s catch-up with the rest of world and discover how they and New Zealand can benefit from the legalisation of the only resource that can feed, clothe, house and heal humans.

“We need to move forward in educating everyone about the regenerative potential of the Cannabis plant. What other place on earth is more keenly positioned to set the standard for the rest of the world in regenerative agriculture” says Michael.

We look forward to seeing what exciting ideas and new successes Michael will have with these ventures and Waiheke Green Cross will continue to support his very worthy causes.

To find out more about the festival see link below and please support Michaels’ vision.

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