The Hemp Kitchen comes to Waiheke

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Waiheke’s first hemp pop-up restaurant is coming to Surfdale in October for a one night hemp infused degustation.

Its creator, Cameron Sims, wants to educate people about the health benefits of the cannabis plant – which, unlike its close cousin marijuana, won’t make you high. That’s because hemp doesn’t have the psychoactive substance THC in it.

“Most people think that all cannabis gets you high, but only some cannabis gets you high. There’s dozens of varieties,” Cam explains.

He has opened the Plant Culture pop-up at Atomic Coffee in Kingsland for four evenings. All sold out.

“Everything is hemp flavoured,” he said.

Hemp seed oil is legal in New Zealand – and that’s what Mr Sims is using to flavour his food. He’s even taking inspiration from a celebrity chef. 

“Jamie Oliver uses hemp seed oil on top of his ice-cream as a garnish, it’s really nutty and subtle.”

Cam is also serving hemp ice-cream at Found Cafe, as part of a six-course set menu. 

“It tastes similar to a pinenut, like a green pinenut,” he says of hemp. 

The plant is already used globally to make products like clothing and shampoo. 

It contains several key health benefits, such as being high in protein and omega three. Mr Sims sees it as the environmentally sustainable food of the future. 

“It only takes three months to grow, so it can turn around really quick,” he said. 

Cam believes the simple ingredient hemp, is the key to changing the world and helping humanity become more sustainable. As a Kiwi raised on a farm, he has became New Zealand’s first hemp-based chef.

Check out this TED talk here to see Cam explain the benefits of hemp and why everyone should be cooking with it.

Cam invites you to have your palette titillated and your mind expanded in a fun evening on October 12th at Found Cafe.

Limited spaces available. To register your interest in attending please tell us why you would like to learn about cooking with hemp by email.

UPDATEBOOKED OUT! Due to huge demand and interest in this event we will be hosting another ‘Hemp Kitchen’ Pop Up in 2020.

Stay in touch for updates on this event and the next one.

Thank you Waiheke for your support and love of hemp!!!

Team WGC

One reply on “The Hemp Kitchen comes to Waiheke

  • linda.hitchcox1956

    Hi Cam.
    Sorry I left this too late. I would love to come to your part of the world. I would love to bring a good friend along to your Restaurant soon.

    Thank you for inviting me to you restaurant and would love to try out your recipes with hemp. Let me know when we can come to your place and we will be there.
    I would also like to win tickets to get there,

    Please send your hemp prices so we can have a look to see what we like.

    Lin Hitchcox and Wiremu pairama.


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