My mushroom experiment

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I have a general interest in health and wellness products and enjoy listening to podcasts about lifestyle trends. I also subsequently experience ‘overwhelm’ from receiving and downloading so many pieces of advice about what to do, what to take, what’s going to help me sleep, what’s going to make me optimal, what’s going to improve my life, etc etc.

It’s so tempting to think that a single wellness product or tonic is going to enrich and better our lives immediately, but in my experience it tends to be a much more complex process than that and there isn’t a simple overnight solution.

Right now there are so many supplements out there it’s hard to know what’s worth investing in – so it’s important to check in with yourself and be reminded that every purchase is an opportunity for you to invest in your health, performance and longevity. I find it helpful (and confronting!) to question how much I’m prepared to spend on some of my other interests (ahem… wine and eating out) causing me to wonder why I should even hesitate at investing $35 into a health tonic which will last me a month!?

Mushroom medicines are a new product category which I’ve invested into this year after researching the benefits – and now I’m very passionate about sharing this knowledge.

After recently travelling for 3 weeks without any mushroom medicine I’m really missing it and have observed changes in my sleep patterns, my skin, my hormones and moods.

Cordyceps David Evans

The reishi and cordyceps mushroom medicines have had the most impact on me. As a 35 year old woman I have experienced issues with mood swings and hormonal flare ups in recent years and the mushrooms have helped me feel more grounded, stable and peaceful.

My mood swings are not as erratic, my hormones more balanced, I am experiencing better quality sleep, which has resulted in a more calm & peaceful state of mind.

I have set up a ritual around consuming my daily mushroom meds, which I simply take in a micro-dose format each morning and evening with a cup of herbal tea.

I believe that in this over-saturated supplement environment it’s important to get the answers from nature; there is so much intelligence there. Listen to your body, tune into what it really needs and then give yourself the opportunity to begin reaping the benefits of the medicine you take. Mushrooms have a cumulative effect, the benefits are not obvious right away like what you might experience from a synthetic medicine so pay attention and observe the changes as they take effect.

There is so much more to learn about mushrooms and this is only the beginning of a really exciting human foray into the discovery of how mushrooms can help us and the planet.

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